Lifestyle Naturopathy
Wednesday, July 1, 2020 by James Loomis

According to the dictionary, naturopathy is “a method of treating illness or disease without drugs or surgery, using proper foods, heat, exercise and massage to aid natural healing”.
There are many approaches to living healthy, I like to keep mine simple. I have a few suggestions here based on what my wife, Janie Loomis, and I believe in and follow daily. These are some examples of our lifestyle, try a few or ask us if you have questions, but try something new this week. Life is an adventure worth living, let’s plan on hanging around for a long time and connecting with lots and lots of people.
I drink at least a gallon of pure alkaline water daily. My supplements are organic and herbal from my own garden or from a source I have researched and trust to meet my standards. I encapsulate my own supplements thereby assuring their efficacy and purity.
Physical exercise is important. Fitness center membership is valuable, however since I do not have a membership I maintain a regimen of at least 5,000 steps daily, lift light weights and try to get enough sleep. It is easy to get in the steps through normal daily activity. Stretching, various fixed position training exercises, aerobic and anaerobic workouts are encouraged. Always consult your medical practitioner prior to starting any new program.   
 Mental exercise is vital to fight dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists state that learning a new language, learning a musical instrument, working crossword puzzles, moderate physical activity and the elimination of sugar, tobacco and alcohol all contribute to healthy brains. I desire to learn to play the guitar and to remember how to play keyboards, enjoy my accounting work and scripture research. We must keep our minds active-if we sit and watch television all day we will lose our mental capacities and not be as effective in our ministries as we could have been.      
Sunshine is imperative in Vitamin D formation for our bodies. Soak up some sun. Forget the sunscreen, there are too many harmful chemicals in it, besides you only need 30 minutes or so daily to get the daily dosage needed. Think of your skin as solar cells that need to be energized; you need sunshine to keep your battery charged. I get out in the sun every day and soak up as much as I can. For skin protection I use aloe vera. I have lots of plants and use the “juice” from its leaves liberally all over for perfect protection.
Walk barefoot on the grass. Allow your feet to absorb the energy from the earth to fight the free radicals that are roaming about in your body. We will speak more extensively about this in another blog, but scientific research confirms the negative energy in the earth fights off free radical production that causes cancers. That’s right, get out there, walk barefoot and feel the healing that nature provides.
It is easy to get healthy. It does not take crazy regimens or diets to lose weight, fight disease or improve our health. Take it a step at a time. Take it a day at a time. Do not get frustrated with yourself if you over indulge one day, stay focused on your long term goals and you will do fine.
Great health is a journey, not a day trip. It is an adventure worth taking. God will help you, just ask. He gives wisdom to those who ask. Trust and rely on His advice and direction, you will be fine.  

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