The Waterwaze community is made up of many equippers. Some regularly bring their gifts and authority, some come and go, and others are connected in various ways. However, the core support/leadership team consists of equippers who have a track record of faithfulness, humility, uncompromising dedication to God, and a lifestyle of learning about and unlocking the Kingdom of God in the earth.


Leadership Team

  Harvey Woods

Harvey has often been called a Renaissance man. His knowledge and abilities in numerous fields along with his wisdom allow him to provide counsel and assistance everywhere and often. His DNA gift is teacher, but his heart and ways are pastoral. Although an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by marriage, he prefers to hang out in the arts. He is a painter and musician (sax). His heart is to build a community of artists that can make a living through art.

He serves as leadership to the body of Christ in various regional and national capacities.


  Anna Osborne Walthall

Anna’s heart of mercy combined with the pastoral gift as well as the spirit of a prophet is a stream of balance, lovingkindness, and truth to the Waterwaze community. Always willing to facilitate healing, she provides prayer counseling and knowledge on health issues. Out of her own brokenness she has won the authority to joyfully help people escape the occult.

Anna is just plain creative! As a singer/musician with a degree in music, she leads the worship team into the complex place of both excellence and spirituality. Anna is our resident expert on Hebrew months using paintings to illustrate her deep insights into God’s timing.  Her efforts allow the community to track together with God’s timing.  Other art pieces capture God’s message and give us pause to ponder. (link to her art on this site)



 Gwen Osborne

Gwen uses her PhD in Organizational Leadership to help the body of Christ transition into a new church model for the Kingdom Age. Her prophetic voice is heard on a national level through public speaking, leadership of several Christian organizations, and her book publications. She is a successful businessperson, builder and an avid entrepreneur. With an eye for design, Gwen can see the potential strengths, not only of businesses and buildings, but of people and organizations. Gwen is a colorist and beautifier of all things. (And beautifies all things.)


  Terry Walthall

Terry is a great stabilizer and one who can fill many gaps. After a 35 year career in church work, Terry resigned from a conventional “pastors” position in order to make way for a new wineskin to emerge, a model for the Kingdom Age. Terry has been able to combine his desire to love and care for the traditional church with his expertise in the marketplace through selling commercial insurance to churches. Terry understands and has a heart for helping pastors with the challenges they face. He loves tennis more than any of that…and enjoys eating with his wife…but not really Mexican food.